Corps Spiritual Formation Timeline



In order for spiritual formation/spiritual growth to be meaningful the disciple must be aware this is an individual journey; everyone journeys at their own pace. It is important to lead the disciple through some type of personality survey to help them begin to understand the way they relate to the world around them, how they receive/process information and how this information is exhibited in their day to day lives.


Below are possible places to start:


  • A free personality test based on the popular Meyers/Briggs format of identifying a personality type is available online at:

  • Monvee is another tool to help tailor make your spiritual growth plan. Each of us has different personalities and different ways of learning and retaining knowledge. Monvee has been created to help people discover what is getting in the way of their spiritual growth and then crafting a plan to address it.

Information can be found on The Salvation Army website

  • Uniquely You Resources ( has a tool to discover personality type and spiritual giftedness entitled Uniquely You Discovering Membership & Ministry (16 Spiritual Gifts Member’s Guide). This tool helps the disciple identify his/her specific learning/leadership profile.


Once the disciple has been able to identify his/her personality type the exploration of resources can begin.    Send article as PDF