Corps Spiritual Formation Resources


Resources are in two basic categories: group and individual spiritual formation. Certainly a group dynamic can be offered through the corps ministry, but resources for individual formation should also be offered.


Along with this list of resources each disciple should be involved in a holistic small group and/or develop a relationship with another (more mature) Christian who can serve as a spiritual director.


  • Group Spiritual Formation
    • Discipleship Training, by Charles Lake

A series of four nine-week sessions in training and accountability. This can be done as a weekly corps program as a Discipleship/Soldiership Class. The student is expected to attend classes, complete reading assignments and meet with a disciple every week (available through Supplies and Purchasing Department)

  • Replenish, by Lance Witt

This resource consists of a book, small group study guide and DVD series. The emphasis is on getting spiritually healthy by developing spiritual practices and a healthy rhythm of life.

The book can be used as a continuum of study for the individual.

  • Sacred Rhythms, by Ruth Haley Barton

This resource deals specifically with the development of spiritual disciplines. The book, participant’s guide and DVD series helps the disciple understand the seven key disciplines along with practical ideas for incorporating them into everyday life.


  • Individual Spiritual Formation

Many of the following books lead the reader through directive spiritual discipline or reflective questions for further spiritual growth and soul health at the end of each chapter:

  • Invitation to a Journey, M. Robert Mulholland, Jr.*
  • Spirit of the Disciplines, Dallas Willard
  • Everything Belongs, Richard Rohr*
  • Strengthening the Soul of Your Leadership, Ruth Haley Barton*
  • When the Well Runs Dry, Thomas Green
  • Opening to God, David Benner
  • Spiritual Disciplines Handbook, Adele Ahlberg Calhoun
  • Sanctuary of the Soul, Richard Foster*


*Good introductory books for spiritual formation reading.    Send article as PDF