Corps Planting Corps

Corps Planting

The birth of all things is weak and tender; and therefore we should have our eyes intent on beginnings.


Keep going, keep going, keep going, good things come to those that keep going.

William Booth

Corps planting is a deliberate and steady process of gaining new ground for Christ by carrying out the great commission in new neighborhoods across our Territory.

There are people in each of the communities where we live that do not know Him and are waiting to hear the gospel. Through the course of time God has used corps planting to win new souls for Christ. The inevitability of every life is that someday it will end, the same is true of every congregation. None of the original Acts 2 congregations are still around today. As a movement we must recognize that survival depends upon opening new works. These are the phases church planters might go through:

  1. Train Corps to Engage the Community
  2. Mission Stations/Communities – Groups of 15 – 30 people doing mission outside of the corps and reaching people through conversion.
  3. Assessments – We are developing an assessment which takes Ed Stetzer’s characteristics of a corps planter and translates it into a personality test. In addition, we interview potential church planting candidates. If you would like to be assessed to be a corps planter please click_here.
  4. Core Value development – New corps plants will create core values for leadership teams based on Aubrey Malphur’s book, “The Nuts and Bolts of Church Planting.” These are combined with the development of a corps vision using our Army Essentials:
    1. Evangelism
    2. Soldiership
    3. Holiness
    4. Leadership
    5. Army Distinctives
    6. Stewardship
  5. Coaching – Providing coaches to walk alongside leaders in new evangelism techniques and in planting new corps. If you would like a coach to help you plant a corps, please click_here.
  6. Evaluation    Send article as PDF