Coaching for Leadership/Congregational Development

Your corps may want to train some key local leaders in coaching skills or have a coach from outside your congregation work with you to develop your corps strategies for health and mission. A coach facilitates the leaders thinking process in order to bring out the best ideas and ensure their implementation. Perhaps it might make it more clear to compare coaching to other forms of one on one relationships.

Coaching versus Counseling – Counseling is about dealing with issues from the past so that people can move into the future. Coaching is about dealing with vision for the future.

Coaching versus Mentoring – Mentoring is a process where a person who has learned a great deal from life pours those lessons back into the person being mentored. Coaching is about pulling the things the person being coached has learned out of them.

Coaching versus Consulting – A consultant sets the agenda and tells the person being consulted what they should do. A Coach works with the agenda that the person being coached sets and then assists the person with developing that agenda.

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